Levitra FAQ

The most frequently asked questions on Levitra answered

Q: Who can take Levitra?

A: Any man who is healthy apart from the symptom of erectile dysfunction can take Levitra. If you have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease, or are unlucky enough to be born with some eye problems, you should get the advice of your regular physician before starting treatment.

Q: What are the main side effects?

A: Only a small number of men do experience any adverse side effects and, for the most part, they are usually quite mild — a headache, feeling nauseous, some muscular pains in the back.

Q: What is generic Levitra?

A: The generic name is Vardenafil. This is a bioequivalent, i.e. it is chemically identical to the branded drug and, in clinical trials, shows the same levels of effectiveness and safety. Levitra and Vardenafil are exactly the same but, because there is no money spent on marketing the generic name, it is always cheaper.

Q: Do you need a prescription?

A: Online pharmacies, such as TabAdvice, Atlantic Drugs and FillRxPlus are able to sell drugs without a prescription. When you place your order, you are asked to go through a questionnaire about your health needs. This enables the pharmacist to decide whether it is safe for you to buy and use the drug.

Q: Why are prices in online pharmacies are so low?

A: Retail prices in the US are kept artificially high. Prices in other countries are either controlled or lower because the value of the currency is less than the US dollar.

Q: How is your order delivered?

A: Online pharmacies, such as TabAdvice, Atlantic Drugs and FillRxPlus are shipping worldwide. Your order will be delivered just to your door. The delivery terms may vary from 4 to 21 days. For example, TabAdvice deliver your order in 4-14 days, and FillRxPlus deliver Generic Levitra in 5-7 busines days and Levitra Brand in 6-10 days if you choose traceable delivery with courier. Note also that at FillRxPlus you can pay for your purchase using bitcoin. Yes yes, you can buy Levitra using bitcoin.

Moreover, international online pharmacies often offer free shipping for bigger orders and free bonus pills, as well as discounts on re-orders. For instance, if you place an order over $200 with First TabAdvice you get +4 Free Viagra pills, Free AirMail shipping, and 15% discount on all future orders.